About Saint Sophie's Psychiatric Center

Fargo, North Dakota

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Our Mission:

Leading. Inspiring. Together.

Our Vision:

The Psychiatric Center of Choice

Our Values:

Our CHOICE is Excellence

C are: Give the best patient care and provide exceptional service by treating every interaction as an opportunity to “wow” someone with care, empathy and kindness.

H ave Fun: Celebrate the success of Saint Sophie’s with enthusiasm, a sense of humor and positive energy.

O ne Team: Be humble, caring, respectful, and embrace the individualities and perspectives of your teammates.

I ntegrity: Set proper expectations, keep your promises, remain honest and build trust with patients, teammates and partners.

C ommitment: Display your dedication daily and be passionate about your role in helping to change lives.

E xcellence: Work every day with a relentless drive to improve and innovate; be prepared to change and adapt as Saint Sophie’s becomes the benchmark for other healthcare providers.

Corporate Coping Statement:

Just Roll With It!

About the Saint Sophie's Logo

The primary element of the icon is composed of mirrored S's that form the shape of a tree. The tree represents shelter, strength, stability, and growth. Just as the tree goes through seasonal changes, human lives go through stages and changes of circumstance. And as the tree relies on its roots to get through each season and greet the spring with fresh greenery, people need a support system to help them through trying times so that they can emerge renewed, stronger, and more grounded.

Another major element of the design is the leaves. The leaves represent change, hope, and promise. They add color and variety to the overall design and subtly connect the changing of seasons with the ever-changing stages of mental illness and recovery.

The circle represents protection and safe haven, and serves to tie the design together visually and provide stability and continuity.

  • Dark Green - compassion, empathy, health, and life
  • Dark Blue - stability and trust
  • Gold - hope, energy, sense of humor
  • Red - change, enthusiasm, power, and strength

The overall design is warm, inviting, and protective. It is hopeful, strong, and universally relatable. Both clients and the general public will recognize the inviting culture of the business and will remember its icon for years to come.

About the Saint Sophie's Logo

Our Trusted Team

Emmet Kenney
Emmet M. Kenney, Jr., M.D.

Dr. Kenney has practiced in North Dakota for over 20 years.

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Jordan Wiedmann
Jordan Wiedmann, PA-C

Jordan has her master’s degree  from The University of North Dakota in Physician Assistant Studies.

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Lindsey Hiatt, PA-C
Lindsey Hiatt, PA-C

Lindsey Hiatt has a lifelong passion for healthcare, having worked in the medical field for over 15 years.

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About Thomas Ugelstad, PMHNP-C
Thomas Ugelstad, PMHNP-C

Tom did his clinical placement at Saint Sophie’s under the supervision of Dr. Emmet Kenney. His background includes inpatient psychiatry and nursing home chaplain service.

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Andrea Okerstrom, PMHNP-S | About Saint Sophies
Andrea Okerstrom, PMHNP-BC

Andrea has extensive education and training in treating patients across the lifespan who are navigating mental health concerns.

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Danielle Swanson, PA-C
Danielle Swanson, PA-C, FAIHM

Danielle has experience with care to patients of all ages which includes prevention and chronic care while incorporating natural and alternative treatments.

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Kelli Strege, PA | About Saint Sophies
Kelli Strege, PA-C

Kelli cares for patients of all ages and has a passion for improving the quality of life of each her patients.

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Stephanie Akers, DNP, APRN, PMHNP-BC | About Saint Sophies
Stephanie Akers, DNP, APRN, PMHNP-BC

Stephanie is a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with Board Certification. She provides psychiatric assessments and medication management.

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Shelly Daniels, PA-C | About Saint Sophies
Shelly Daniels, PA-C

Shelly has experience in caring for patients of all ages and enjoys working with patients to optimize their health. She is passionate about working with children and young women.

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Samantha Braaten | About Saint Sophies
Samantha Braaten, PA-C

Sam believes that a person’s mental health greatly influences their overall well-being. She strives to work with individual patients as a collaborative effort to help optimize their mental health. She currently accepts patients of all ages.

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Tiara Perkins | About Saint Sophies
Tiara Perkins, LPCC

Tiara takes pride in treating her clients with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Her approach to therapy is tailored to each individual to meet their needs.

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Medical Reception Staff

Our professional and friendly medical receptionists welcome you to Saint Sophie’s. Morgan, Kassidy and Trish are always happy to see you!

St. Sophie's Medical Reception Staff

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