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Fargo, North Dakota

Who is Saint Sophie?

Dr. Emmet M. Kenney, Jr. is a psychiatrist and the founder of Saint Sophie's Psychiatric Clinic. He named the clinic after Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat (b.1779- d.1865), who dedicated her life to the health and education of young people. While there is no religious affiliation, Saint Sophie's Psychiatric Clinic is proud to carry on the tradition of living in service for others and caring for people in need.

Saint Sophie's Founding Principles

Saint Sophie's Psychiatric Center was founded in 2010 (in Fargo, North Dakota) to provide the highest quality out-patient mental health care to our community. At Saint Sophie's we:

  • Believe that actions speak louder than words.
  • Treat each patient with dignity and compassion.
  • Feel human persons are truly deserving of the best care.
  • Approach our work with earnest determination and joyful enthusiasm.

Saint Sophie's Specialties

Since opening, Saint Sophie's has grown from Dr. Kenney being the lone provider in a small office to a team of nine providers in a beautiful clinic in south Fargo. We are licensed to offer clinical psychiatric care, both in-person and teletherapy, to North Dakota and Minnesota residents.

Our team of mental health experts focuses specializes in:

The Saint Sophie’s Building Expansion is Complete!

After a year of construction, the new addition officially opened in August, 2022. We are pleased and grateful that we can offer expanded services to meet the growing needs of our community.

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